Add an array of naturally-occurring colours with lasting beauty to your gardening palette that comes only from authentic Mar-Co Feature Rocks. The rugged texture of natural rock brings definition and provides the perfect contrast to the hosts of delicate flowers in your garden design. When you look deeply into a Mar-Co Feature Rock, you'll discover a detailed display of elegant veins and flecks that provide a striking counterpoint to a flowerbed full of soft curves. Culled from a variety of exotic locations, these carefully-chosen stones imbue their surroundings with a sense of character and history.

Let your freedom of expression flow out from Mar-Co's premium selection of Feature Rocks - with a wide range of shapes and sizes, they're sure to make a lasting statement.

It's time to find your perfect rock.
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landscape scene with large feature rocks
Featherock Grey feature rock Featherock Grey
Featherock Black feature rock Featherock Black
Autumn Red feature rock Autumn Red
Lava Red feature rock Lava Red
Marble Caramel feature rock Marble Caramel
Marble Green feature rock Marble Green
Marble Rose feature rock Marble Rose
Marble White feature rock Marble White
Sunset Lite feature rock Sunset Lite
Zebra feature rock Zebra
Granite Green feature rock Granite Green
Granite Red feature rock Granite Red
Verde Green Mica Rockery Stone Verde Green Mica Rockery Stone
Nero Black Mica Rockery Stone Nero Black Mica Rockery Stone
Rosso Red Mica Rockery Stone Rosso Red Mica Rockery Stone
Western Black Granite Western Black Granite
Canyon Rock Canyon Rock